At both Acme Dental and Central Queens Dental we make an effort to work with all of our clients.  We are participating with most major P.P.O. plans.  We do not accept Medicaid.  Medicare does not currently provide any dental benefits.  To verify that we are in your insurance network, please do an online search for a list of providers to your policy.  Our offices may be listed under the doctor name (Albert Fuzailof, DDS) or the office name

Major P.P.O. we work with include:

Metlife                (800) 260-1093

Cigna Dental     (800) 882-4462

UFT                      (800) 577-0576

Guardian            (800) 541-7846

United Health Care  (800) 430-5161

Aetna                  (800) 451-7715 

PBA                     (212) 349-7560

Empire B.C./B.S. (800) 722-8879

G.H.I.                    (212) 501-4443